Friday Fictioneers – Basil Tells the Truth… and Agnes Corrects Him

Some of you may remember Basil from Basil Thistlethorn Goes Left. He hasn’t quite left my mind, either. Though his full story is reserved for another day, he has introduced me to a quirky young friend of his, one Agnes Gertrude Plop, whose kind heart and sympathy for a burdensome name have made her Basil’s only friend.

Copyright -John Nixon

Copyright –John Nixon

Basil Tells the Truth… and Agnes Corrects Him

“It’s a fake.” Basil crossed his arms over his round chest and scowled at the piano on the school auditorium stage. “Anyone with half a brain can see it’s just a dummy.”

“You’re meant to imagine it’s a real man or an elf or some other magical being stuck upside-down and halfway inside the piano.” Sitting on the edge of her seat, Agnes Gertrude Plop made a wide, sweeping gesture with her scrawny arm.

“But it’s not.” Basil looked into her earnest, mouse-like face. “It’s a dummy.”

“Really, Basil, sometimes you are truly exasperating.”

“At least I’ve a brain.”


In other news, a few of you may be interested to know that I’ve officially begun a new work-in-progress. I’m approximately 2,000 words into what I hope will be a beautiful love story involving a young married couple struggling through loss and betrayal and, more to the point… a certain death angel intent on understanding the Creator’s passion for humanity. Many, many thanks for those who returned week after week to read Angelique’s story and who encouraged me to stick with her and turn her into something bigger than a weekly habit. I pray I can weave her story, along with Sarah’s and Dan’s, into something of lasting worth.


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14 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Basil Tells the Truth… and Agnes Corrects Him

  1. These two are obviously from the Drama department of the school – the Drama Queen and the Drama King. Each vying for supremacy. Nicely written, good dialogue which conveyed the whole story 🙂

  2. “Agnes Gertrude Plop, whose kind heart and sympathy for a burdensome name….” No wonder she’s sympathetic–her moniker vies with Basil’s for burdensome. Good dialogue.

    • Thank you. I had a slight change in plans… dove back into the second book of my trilogy. It seems Angelique will have to wait a little longer. Maybe she’ll show up in FF soon… (like this week). 🙂

    • Thanks, Ted. As for Angelique, I worked on her for a week or two (even introduced her to my writers’ group) before reverting to the second book of the trilogy I’ve been working on. I haven’t given up on Angelique – not at all – I just found my heart wasn’t 100% with her, as it needs to be if I’m to do her justice. It will be a slower process than I expected, but look for her this week in FF.

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