I am waiting.

I have completed my first novel and am waiting for an agent, a publisher, and an audience who know my name. I am reasonable enough not expect an enormous following, but I won’t lie. I am waiting for my name to be on somebody’s list, anybody’s list of “Authors You Must Read.”

So it seemed appropriate to name this new blog Waiting for a Name.

Names are important. One of the most difficult parts of writing my book involved untold time scouring http://www.merriam-webster.com/ and numerous emails to my dear sister/editor, trying to uncover the perfect name for an integral character. It was a mental and physical relief finally to find his name. Other characters found their names early on, only to have those names rise in significance as the story unfolded. Sometimes I waited to find a name, other times I waited for characters’ names to explain themselves. It was worth every wait.

So it seemed doubly appropriate to dub this venture Waiting for a Name.

Finally, there is one whose name is above all names, and for Him I wait. In the light of His story, all other stories pale. Yet I hope and wait for His light to illumine me, to guide the telling of the stories I strive to tell, and to add to my pages a glimmer of wonder, that those who read might wait in eager expectation for something more than they have dreamed.

Triply appropriate.

I am waiting for a name.

I invite you to wait with me.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m tired of waiting. Did you know you are on my list of “Authors You Must Read”? And I would suspect there are a few others out there. I would include Him, as having your name on His list. You have proven you are a writer, maybe the wait is over.

    A first name will do nicely.

  2. Hello She-with-a name Lisa! You are a new name on my list of those who ‘must be read’. I hope you are aware that you are not in fact ‘waiting’, but very active in promoting your goals. All your goals. Which is as it should be. Waitingness can be negatively passive, the end result of which can only be ‘having waited’. ‘Having waited’ is not your goal! With apologies for the speech, Ann

    • No apologies necessary, Ann! In writing all of that, I viewed waiting not as sitting around getting grumpy because all nothing is happening, but as a crucial part of seeing hopes become reality – kind of like a woman waiting to give birth. A lot of amazing things have happened and (I trust) are yet to happen in this waiting of mine. Angelique is the perfect example. I never, ever would have imagined her had it not been for Friday Fictioneers, which I discovered through another blogger who liked my first or second post here. I started this blog to chronicle the the process of waiting to publish my first novel, a YA Fantasy. Instead, I stumbled upon a character I never would have conceived in a genre I never dreamt of writing… and found this community of amazing writers. It’s beautiful and exciting and humbling all at once.

      Thank you so very much for your words of encouragement!


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