Friday Fictioneers: If She Loved Me

Today’s photo prompt takes me back to the first Friday Fictioneers I ever participated in, three whopping years ago. It’s been a fun ride, even if I’ve missed a few legs of the journey. Just for fun, I thought I’d pull out my first story. You’ll find a new story above the photo, and the old one below. Be sure to scroll down for the link to other stories by the Friday Fictioneers community!

If She Loved Me

She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me.

Every sixth grader boarding the charter bus is like a petal from a daisy. In front of me, Grace pulls her hair into a ponytail.

She loves me not.

“If I smell like a boy, I used my brother’s shampoo. Mine was packed.” She flashes that beautiful, crooked-toothed smile.

She loves me.

Six days in Washington, D.C., one for every year I’ve known her. Grace heaves her duffel bag over her shoulder, nearly smacking me in the face, and steps onto the bus.

She loves me not.



His Last Ride

Angelique sidled closer to the fat man, as if to claim his protection from the bustling travelers. He reeked of sweat, cheap cologne, and the blood he had spilled in Chinatown.

This one will be easy, she thought.

No one would suspect her. Such a sweet, delicate thing, the old ladies always said. Between the chaos of discovering the corpse and the systematic interrogations by local authorities, she would simply disappear.

A broad-shouldered man in a business suit bumped into Angelique, nearly falling over her small form.

“Hey, kid! Watch where you’re going, would ya?” His New York accent was thick with cruelty and greed.

Angelique smiled apologetically at him, her blue eyes wide and wondering under her golden curls. The businessman would be even less pleased when they found the bloody knife in his attaché case.

Friday Fictioneers (n): A world-wide community of writers addicted to writing 100 word stories based on a photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. 

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11 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: If She Loved Me

  1. I loved them both, but I always did love your Angelique stories. I was thinking of them yesterday when I composed my response to Rochelle’s post about FF, and reflecting how that was one, and possibly the only way that serialisation on FF has worked for me. Once we knew the background, each week was contained, delightful ‘reveal’. Good to revisit, loved them both.

  2. Dear Lisa,

    I’ve already said it in a couple of other places, but I never considered your Angelique stories to be a serial. She was a recurring character I came to know and love. There’s a huge difference.

    I noticed in my comment section from my post three years ago that the week of the bus was your first FF week. Happy that our paths connected. 😀

    I enjoyed both of your stories this week.



  3. What a contrast. I loved them both.
    I do feel sorry for the old man and his soon to be discovered puzzle.
    The young girl… too many of them torn between the two worlds of competing parents!

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