Heir of Koradin Blog Tour

Many thanks to Carrie Dalby, fellow Anaiah Press author, for featuring Heir of Koradin today!


As mentioned previously, now that I’m part of the Anaiah Press family, I’ll be featuring some of their Surge (young adult) imprint books. I’m in the process of reading the first book in the Chasmaria series, and it’s a great read.Grit

This month, welcomed the second book of Chasmaria, and here’s what going on with that…

Dagger of Willow and Strike has waited a lifetime to return to the village of his birth. He’s been promised the throne of Koradin, but getting captured by his treacherous sire wasn’t part of the plan. Dagger needs a miracle to turn his childhood dreams into reality—And Grit of Berth and Stone might be that miracle.
Unfortunately for him, Grit’s stuck in the rival village of Thresh, and she’s in way over her head. Having bluffed her way into commanding an army of incompetents, she’s useless to Dagger if her new recruits don’t…

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2 thoughts on “Heir of Koradin Blog Tour

  1. Guess I’d better shell out some bucks for ‘Heir of Koradin’… My 14 year old granddaughter,Ula, (well read in this genre) said it was very good, well written and she’s looking forward to the next one. Myself, I’m waiting for Angelique. (But I’ll try to find time to read Grit, Lisa… I haven’t written a thing myself in so long… no time, or I haven’t made time) Maybe I’ll send Heir to you and you can autograph it to her.

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