Friday Fictioneers: Living Water

PHOTO PROMPT – © Madison Woods

Living Water

She crouches, her mouth gaping beneath the spigot. She’s too young to know what dangers might lurk within the rusty jug. Mold, ebola, salmonella, e coli, high fructose corn syrup… I’m too old too remember it all. We’ll die, anyway. Probably for the best.


I remember it still, that first taste of life. Sweet, with a hint of earth and blood. Funny how rust tastes like the thing that courses through my veins, bringing health to all my parts. A painful death, worse than dehydration. What did they know?

Garrison calls us “the drinkers.” He says the world is ours.

Friday Fictioneers (n): A world-wide community of writers addicted to writing 100 word stories based on a photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. 

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Living Water

  1. Dear Lisa,

    I’m mystified and am trying to figure out what happened here. Is the second paragraph the memories of the girl who drank from the spigot in the first paragraph? Perhaps an ensuing comment thread will help me out.



    • Yes, the speaker in the second paragraph is the girl from the first. She survived when others, who feared to drink, perished. I imagined some post-apocolyptic world, where people ended up in camps all over the country. These jugs – containing who knows what – were in the camps, and they were the key to survival, but only a few dared drink. Those few survived and eventually banded together to repopulate the earth.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Hunger is the best sauce and thirst is what would drive everyone to drink from the jug, which is the only flaw I can see in an otherwise wonderful story. I like it, and you. Keep ’em coming.



  3. A very interesting take on the prompt, and your explanation clarified it. Very well written, and it sounds like a ghastly situation to find yourself in.

  4. Lovely writing, my mind drifted towards two characters at first. The second being a vampire feasting on the first character. But your explanation works better instead 🙂

  5. Great apocalyptic setting, I needed the comments to fully understand, too, though. The last sentence confused me, because I still don’t know who or what Garrison is.

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