Mother & Son Book Review: THE FALSE PRINCE by Jennifer Nielsen

Every now and then, a book passes through my hands that I just want to hold onto a little while longer. Jennifer Nielsen’s The False Prince is one such book. Not only does Nielsen construct a vibrant world covered with webs of political lies and allies, but – and here’s where I love this book in a heart-aching sort of way – she crafts her characters with a rare tenderness. Even minor characters seemed to have been handled with tenacious care, so that they seem as real and deep as your closest friend. Protagonist Sage develops gradually, yet dramatically. By the story’s end, I was as in love with the deeply thoughtful young man as I was with the swaggering street urchin I met on the first page. I strongly suspect a second reading of this book would only enrich the reader’s experience and enjoyment.

My almost 13-year-old son loved this book as well. In his words, “It had the right blend of action and dialogue. Well written. Twist was pretty well hidden. It was a great book. Final words: If you’re reading this review, you’re wasting your time. Just go get the book!”

You can find The False Prince on Amazon ( or discover more at Jennifer Neilsen’s website: (

If you need us, the kid and I will be fighting over the sequel, The Runaway King.

*I did not receive any compensation of any sort for this review, except the pure enjoyment of reading the book.


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