Friday Fictioneers: Questionable Ladies of Shallot

I’m not going to lie. This one was fun, especially when it didn’t turn out as I’d planned. It went over 100 words, but I’m not sorry. Hope you enjoy!

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Georgia Koch

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Georgia Koch

Questionable Ladies of Shallot (117 words, pure sentimental fun)

Molly looks at the bridge with a sly smile. “You know, Anne of Green Gables…”

“Molls, there’s no guarantee Zach’ll even come this way.”

“Nonsense. He always does.” Throwing her backpack onto the bank, she steps into the old boat and lies down. “Send me to my watery grave.”

“Are you crazy?” It’s not a question requiring an answer. I lean over, careful not to fall in. “We must have a little ceremony. My jacket for a burial shroud. Don’t know what flowers grew in Avolea, but weeds are all we have. Hold on tight!”

The boat slips beyond my fingertips, and I tumble face first into the river. Strong hands lift me.

Zach always comes this way.

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10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Questionable Ladies of Shallot

  1. Dear Lisa,

    You owe me seventeen words. (Not really. I thought they were well used.) I laughed at her falling in and the turn of events at the conclusion. Sweet, endearing and summery. Well written.



  2. That’s a nice ending, let’s hope that she doesn’t make a habit of falling in.
    PS Thanks for your detailed response for my FF story. I have tweaked the ending a little bit.

  3. I’m afraid Anne of Green Gables means nothing to me. Tut. Re the Lady of Shallot, we have a John William Waterhouse painting in nearby Manchester art gallery. I love it. I believe he did two other versions, but I don’t know where they are.
    Good old Zach, whoever he is; he has my vote.

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