An Awful Lot of Ugly

There’s an awful lot of ugly in this world.

Broken relationships.




All kinds of ugly.

Here in my town, some ugly things have gone down, and people are shaking their heads and asking questions that aren’t easy to answer. Who did these awful things? Why? And where do we go from here?

Now that news helicopters have flown away, we want to huddle in our homes, safe and sound and out of danger’s way.

But sometimes we have to go outside. I mean this quite literally. Because on top of all the ugly, we sure don’t want to be cleaning up puppy puddles.

And over our sad, confused, and frightened city

Light and Beauty and Glory shine,

Proclaiming to all the world that brokenness and hatred do not reign over us, no matter what the news reports tell us. There is a God who trumps all darkness, who sends His light to shine upon us, who on this dark night asks the heavens to declare His glory just a little more exuberantly.

Turn your eyes from the news, your hearts from the center of our broken town, our broken world. Look up. Revel in the Beauty that lifts us out of darkness.



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