Impressions of Neil Gaiman’s CORALINE

Plan A was an industrious day of home education. Plan B was to clean house between tending sick children. Plan C looked something like this:


(followed by a quick book review and THEN frantic cleaning while tending to the remaining sick child).

Yes, I finally read my first Neil Gaiman novel!

CORALINE was simply elegant or elegantly simple. Like a fine chocolate from one of those fancy shops where one bite costs more than half a dozen Hershey bars, the story was simple, yet complex; unadorned, yet beautiful; lighthearted, yet so very, very dark. I imagine Mr. Gaiman had a delightful time penning this tale, and I’m fairly certain not many authors could match his skill.

It was creepy and weird and at times completely senseless, but even so, I felt in the hands of a master storyteller all the way through. I’m not sure I’ll pass it on to the kids – or that I’ll ever look at black buttons without a shudder of terror – but I do anticipate checking out another Neil Gaiman novel in the future.


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