Friday Fictioneers: In Which Agnes Plop Makes a Discovery

Life has been so busy lately, I missed last week’s photo prompt. Or rather, I saw it, thought about it, and never did anything with it, only to realize that, “Oh, my! It’s a new week!”

Today’s peculiar prompt perplexed me until I looked at it through the eyes of Agnes Gertrude Plop, who has a habit – most vexing to her friend Basil – of seeing the impossible in the most mundane moments.

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unidentifiable on a stick

Photo Copyright-Kent Bonham

In Which Agnes Plop Makes a Discovery

“It’s a witch’s spoon. That’s the shrunken, flattened head of her first victim.” Agnes picked the thing up, her nose scrunched all ugly like. “I bet she stirs lost child soup with it.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s no such thing.” As Agnes examined it, Basil was certain bacteria floated through the air, straight into the silly girl’s nostrils. He’d shower when he got home. Let the bacteria do what they would with her.

Her eyes widened. “Oh, dear Basil. I was mistaken. It’s actually a dreadfully unimaginative boy with a ridiculously large head. Why, something about him seems almost familiar.”

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13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: In Which Agnes Plop Makes a Discovery

  1. And so Agnes Plop became a writer, and Basil became a scientist. I hope each of them will come to appreciate the other’s perspective. I wonder which will make a fortune? Great story.

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