Friday Fictioneers: The Green Wars


PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Kelly Sands

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Kelly Sands


The Green Wars

It started with one sapling, an ugly, awkward thing sprouting at the very corner of the rubber-matted playground. Why Henry never mowed it down, we’ll never know. Maybe his mower couldn’t snag that corner. Why none of us thought to pluck it up, why we let Violet water it and weed around it…

Violet, with her pretty eyes and shy smile. She seems to have grown as quickly as that sapling. She rides in its branches now, leading the lot of them right down the middle of our quiet little street.

Dad, ax in hand, curses the developers who overlooked the seeds.


Friday Fictioneers (n): A world-wide community of writers addicted to writing 100 word stories based on a photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Green Wars

    • Thanks. My imagination was working undertime on this one. This is literally all “I got.” No real backstory, no future. Just this snippet in time, with hardly a care over who wins these Green Wars. I don’t even know if Violet and her arboreal army are good or bad. So much for a writer knowing all the behind-the-scenes stuff…

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