Friday Fictioneers – In Which Basil Laments An Overactive Imagination

I’ll admit, when I first saw today’s prompt, I almost bowed out of participating without a second glance. But a second glance – or maybe a third or fourth – placed this photo squarely above the heads of Basil Thistlethorn and the ever patient Agnes Plop. I hope you enjoy the story!

Studio Lights from Kent

Photo: copyright-Kent Bonham


In Which Basil Laments an Overactive Imagination

“Look, Basil.” Agnes tugged his sleeve. “Batman.”

“You must be daft.”

Her hand on his arm anchored him to the spot.

“You’re right.” She squinted at the stage lights. “The more I look, the more sinister he appears. Definitely too dark for Batman. Do you suppose he intends to harm an innocent student?”

“Now you’re just being stupid.” Basil shrugged his arm from her hand and marched on. Agnes and her overactive imagination…

“Wait for me, Basil.”

Turning, Basil glanced up. If he’d had any of that foolish imagination stuff in which Agnes so delighted, he would have sworn the light was lower than it had been a moment before.




Friday Fictioneers (n): A world-wide community of writers addicted to writing 100 word stories based on a photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

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22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – In Which Basil Laments An Overactive Imagination

  1. Hahahaha!!! Awesome!! Seriously, I loved that last line. I wouldn’t have seen Batman myself…I actually saw a snake. A very itching-to-bite snake…which is why that last line was so great. Nice work!!

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