Friday Fictioneers – So Tolls the Ancient Song

Copyright - David Stewart

Photo Copyright – David Stewart

So Tolls the Ancient Song

Frowning, Angelique looked beyond the antique bell to the fields outside the overly sanitized office.

“You ought to have played more.”

“Who has time for sloth?” The man glanced from his computer screen to the papers at his side. “Reports to be written, documents to be filed…”

Angelique ran her fingers along the weathered pull rope.

“Don’t bother,” he said. “No one’s rung it in years. Probably rusted stuck.”

Angelique shook her head. “Oh, no. It will still toll the ancient song.”

She squeezed her eyes shut and pulled. Beneath the clang of the bell, she heard a gasp as the man slumped over his keyboard.


Friday Fictioneers (n): A world-wide community of writers addicted to writing 100 word stories based on a photo prompt provided by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

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20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – So Tolls the Ancient Song

  1. Don’t they always say that on one’s death bed no one ever thinks they should have worked harder. I guess your character just didn’t see it coming. A nice moral, subtly told.

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