Friday Fictioneers – Between Mother and Daughter

Copyright - Sean Fallon

Photo Copyright – Sean Fallon


Between Mother and Daughter (100 words)

“He should have a good head on his shoulders, with long curls I can run my fingers through.”


“And he shouldn’t be fat. I’m not sure I could love a fat man.”


“Long legs, so he’s taller than me.”

“Sweetie, men don’t come in pieces, and if they did, they wouldn’t be plastic and unchanging. Anyway, you’re missing the most important part. You want a man with arms – arms to cheer you when you win and carry you when you’re broken. Arms like that are all that really matter. If you doubt me, look at your daddy’s arms.”

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9 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Between Mother and Daughter

  1. Dear Lisa,

    Ah the dreams of a little girl. Prince Charming usually doesn’t come in a neat little, made to order package, does he? Good advice from the mom. all in all sweet story.



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