Friday Fictioneers – When Comes the Rain

Those who followed Angelique’s story will recognize Sara in today’s vignette. Sara, whose loss is so great and whose love is so deep, has a difficult road ahead as she grieves the loss of her child and comes to terms with an incarcerated husband, but perhaps she is not as alone as she imagines she is…

As always, thanks for reading.

copyright -Janet Webb

Photo Copyright –Janet Webb

When Comes the Rain (103 words)

I don’t blame them for staring. I’d stare at me, too, a young woman bent over an empty grocery cart sobbing up a storm.

The sun shines, but my world is flooding. I was stupid to come here, couldn’t even get through the produce section.

I feel an arm around my shoulders, light as a feathered wing. The woman smells of lilies. She’s been crying, too. She helps me to my car, and after buckling me in, hands me a bag of groceries.

“It isn’t over, love. Be sure to eat.”

Her face unknown, her voice a lullaby I’ve heard from the cradle.


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29 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – When Comes the Rain

  1. Dear Lisa,

    This is powerful writing. Oh, so many layers in this tightly woven tapestry. “Be sure to eat.”

    The soft brush stroke you use to illuminate your work are deft and perfectly positioned. I will remember this story for a long time.



  2. I don’t know the background of this series, but I felt like I didn’t need to, as you portrayed her deep grief very well. And that helper is wonderful to give assistance when she, too, was suffering, since she was crying as well. “Be sure to eat” feels like sage advice from someone who’s been there and doesn’t need to lecture, just give enough help.

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