Friday Fictioneers – A Brief Lesson in Economics


Photo Copyright – Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

A Brief Lesson in Economics

The dusty, weathered shelves hung in sharp contrast to the shiny mahogany paneling. Ignoring the man at the desk, Basil scanned the shelves’ contents: crayons, Monopoly pieces, a keychain Etch-a-Sketch. His gaze rested on an old shape-sorter in the top left-hand cubby.

“Ah, you recognize your old playthings.” The man’s voice was deep and smooth as chocolate pudding.

“I want them back.” Basil glanced at the nameplate on the desk. “Mr. Templetorn.”

“Of course you do.” August Templetorn smiled knowingly. “There is, you understand, a price for what you want. Everything has a price, you know. Even you, Basil.”


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28 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – A Brief Lesson in Economics

  1. OH MY GOD. Did you choose the name Templeton on purpose — as in, Templeton the Rat from Charlotte’s Web — the pack rat who wouldn’t give anything away — “What’s in it for me?” He’d ask.
    (Please lie to me if you didn’t intend this — because it’s perfect.)

  2. Whoooh. I loved it. I don’t what the back story is, but we certainly are given a lot of hints to run with. Great the way you sailed smoothly from the children’s toys to the cold terror of Mr Templeton.

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