Friday Fictioneers – Involuntary Sabbatical

First and foremost, happy birthday to fellow Friday Fictioneer Renee Heath!

Secondly, I apologize for not getting through all of last week’s stories. Same goes for not having responded to all of your comments on last week’s post. Sometimes life just gets crazy busy.

Finally, today’s story takes place immediately after Accidents Happen, that little vignette in which we saw our sweet little Angelique cushion a man’s fall with an ax. We pick up the story with Angelique emerging from the barn to come face to face with her less-than-impressed handler…From Scott Vanatter with permission-Copyrigh-  Indira

From Scott Vanatter with permission-Copyright- Indira

Involuntary Sabbatical (100 words)

“Don’t make it personal, Angie.” Jeremy stood beneath the oak, muscular arms across his chest, ebony wings twitching with displeasure. “Do you think his Maker smirks? Do you suppose He delights in a life lost?”

“But,” Angelique glared at the dilapidated barn. “He killed…”

“Uh-uh.” Jeremy shook his dark hair out of his eyes. “You deliver justice – swift, severe, final. But you are not the judge of that man, not the judge of any of them. Go home, Angelique. Find me when you can serve honorably again.”

He left, a flurry of raven wings, before she could protest.


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25 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Involuntary Sabbatical

  1. That’s a great balance between showing her more human-like side and showing that she really is held to a higher standard. She’s a great character you’ve developed.
    (BTW, you’re a saint to get through all the stories. I try every week and can’t get through half of them usually).

    • Thank you. I wasn’t originally planning to develop her backstory, but it fits wonderfully into the greater story. I’m glad I decided to go to the dark side for a few stories. I can’t remember who it was who suggested that something had to compel Angelique to become an Usher, but thank you!

  2. Very well written, do you have any longer pieces about her or do we have to read her 100 words at a time? She is intriguing. I know what David means about getting through all the stories, if it were just the stories it would be ok, but I always get sucked into the comments, like I am now! 🙂

    • A few are missing, but I’ve tried to put links to all of the stories under the Angelique heading at the top of the web page (under the cover photo). I hope to expand these vignettes and tie them together in a full-length novel, but I’m in the middle of writing a different book right now. So, someday…

      I haven’t managed to get through all the stories in several weeks – we seem to have had a blogger boom recently – but I try to read as many as possible.

  3. I am sure Angelique bristles at the micromanaging boss just the same as every hero or heroine through the years. They want you to do the dirty work, then want to criticize how you got it done.

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