Friday Fictioneers – Options

First, my apologies for not getting through all the stories or replying to all your comments last week. It was just one of those weeks. Glad it’s over. Hope to do better this week. Enough said. 😉

This week’s prompt is from Claire Fuller, who both crafted and photographed this beautiful piece.

/copyright-Claire Fuller

Options (100 words)

“They’re beautiful.”

Claire set down her chisel and studied Angelique.

“Are they, Angelique?”

Angelique cocked her head to peer at the stone woman’s face.

“No. It’s as if she’s frozen, and nothing will ever revive her.”

“I sculpt one every 100 years or so, when I wish to show one of my angels an alternative to filling herself with all the frightening beauty of the human experience.”

Angelique remained intent on the bust.

“She looks like you, but…” Angelique nodded at the man’s head. “Why Gabe?”

The warmth of Claire’s sigh kissed Angelique’s cheek.

“It’s all about options, child.”


For the rest of the story click on Angelique.

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44 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Options

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Isn’t it interesting that the Angelique’s mentor in this story and the actual sculptor share the name Claire? Nicely done. Can’t wait until you tie Angelique’s vignettes into one novel. Just saying…;)

    • As for not getting around to everyone’s story and commenting…you shouldn’t worry. A couple of stories rolled in as late as last night. Over 85! I think maybe we’ve set a Friday Fictioneers’ record.

    • I almost commented that as far as I know, the Claire’s are no relation to one another. 🙂 I can’t wait till I tie them all together, either! I’m tempted to do it this summer, whether or not I’ve finished the trilogy, just to get it done! Whenever it happens, you all will be among the first to know! 🙂

      Going to read your entry now.

  2. I like the line when Claire says.. “show one of my angels an alternative to filling herself with all the frightening beauty of the human experience” So nicely worded.. Great story.

    • Thank you! It means so much to mean that Angelique has made so many friends! I try to fit her in every week, but once in awhile, it just doesn’t work. I have a general plot in my mind for an entire novel. If I can use the photo prompt to write something that fits within the scope of the general outline, I do. I’ll be lost on these when Angelique is complete!

  3. Another interesting tale of Angelique – nice twist to make Angelique the one with questions about what’s going on this time. Isn’t she usually the one who knows more than the other characters?

  4. Dear Lisa,

    When I read teh name Angelique my ears prick up. You’ve created a lasting character in her. At the very least, collect all of her vignettes and hang on to them. You never know what might happen.



  5. I really enjoyed this. The idea of an angel “.. filling herself with all the frightening beauty of the human experience.” is beautiful. And I love that last line.

    • Thank you, Sarah Ann. I wanted so much to express the magnitude of what Angelique experiences, and I think it might have worked. As for the last line… it may or may not be a little foreshadowing. 😉

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