Seeking Stone (Flash Fiction)

If you’ve made it here, please allow me to introduce you to two people very dear to my heart. Last night I was thinking that, Friday Fictioneers photo permitting, I might try to write little backstories for the characters of the novel for which I’m currently seeking agent representation. I jest not, the particular scene I had in mind involved two characters, Berth and Stone, meeting along the seashore. I took some liberties with the prompt – and then, having decided to post this as a separate post – uploaded a picture a little closer to the sea I have in mind. Imagine not a warm, sandy, southern beach, but a cool, pebbly beach in a wild country populated by people with little concept of love or family… and you have my beloved village of Thresh, located along the Western Sea, where Berth has grown up and into which Stone has wandered. Stick with me long enough, and I hope you’ll be able to read the adventures of their eldest offspring. 😉


Seeking Stone

She crouched at the shore, the waves kissing her bare toes, and turned the pebbles in her hand. A frown creased her brow as she let another fall.

“What are you doing, Berth?

She stood suddenly, surprised by his presence, and dried her hands on her trousers.

“Looking for a pebble. Like yours.”

He cast down his eyes to look at the perfect white stone hanging around his neck.

“You won’t find one. Not here.”

Stranger Stone gazed beyond Berth, beyond the pebbled shore, deep into the mid-Chasmarian forest, and Berth knew she would not see him for some time.

If you have a few minutes, please hop over here and help me pitch the story of Grit, firstborn of Berth and Stone. Thanks!



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