A Small Thing

I began this blog as a place to jot down random thoughts on writing, so as to spare family and friends the drudgery of reading or hearing about a subject of little interest to them. Honestly, I do know how I’ve rambled on about my work-in-progress, a little Hunger Games meets Narnia YA Fantasy trilogy… Anyhow, I know. It’s not as exciting when you aren’t writing it. So this little blog was born, to give me an outlet while excusing my loved ones from what must be a mystifying obsession of mine.

What I found here at Waiting For a Name was a community of writers going by the name of the Friday Fictioneers – amazing, creative, encouraging folks who share a delight in words and who, by their “likes” and their enthusiastic comments, have given wings to a creature I never expected to meet, but now hope someday to fashion into a full-length novel. (Once I complete the aforementioned trilogy, of course!)

To the Friday Fictioneers, it seems too small a thing simply to say “thank you,” for your comments, though small, have served to encourage me greatly. I’ve begun to feel that remaining completely anonymous might not be entirely fair. At any rate, it certainly isn’t necessary.

And so, because some of you have put Angelique on your reading list and because that means so much, I give you one small thing, a name.




9 thoughts on “A Small Thing

  1. I echo your feelings exactly, can’t thank the group enough.
    It is a wonderful, amazing platform… ever exciting, brimming with ideas… and generous and talented people like yourself make it what it is!

    Thanks Lisa for being a part of this and letting us into your world of imagination and wonder. It has been a pleasure! 🙂

  2. Dammit! Parul has beaten me to being first to like the name Lisa!!! Looking forward to your novel. Now we have to wait for a book called ‘My Name is Angelique”… I can’t wait.

    Speaking of Fri Fic, I wrote my first story for Madison (a memoir) on March 4th, 2012… Parul was the first Fictioneer to welcome me. A few weeks later, I tried my first fiction. It was hard to do. I think I’ve gotten better and that’s due to the FriFics.

    Welcome Lisa.

  3. Dear Lisa,
    So happy to finally connect a name to the author. I’m definitely an Angelique fan.
    As for me I joined Friday Fictioneers in April and it became an immediate obsession for me. When Madison was ready to lay it down I devastated and couldn’t let it die. So here I am…riding the proverbial bus. In the process I’ve made some good friends and one or two (including Madison) in the flesh.

  4. I love your Angelique character too. I keep meaning to jump back into Friday Fictioneers, but there hasn’t been enough time lately. Hopefully in the new year!

  5. I wondered what Ted meant when he mentioned Lisa.
    Nice to ‘meet’ you!

    And Friday Fictioneers rocks! I have a partially written blog post about it 🙂

    I came across this post looking for an older one because I have slowly realised you are quite funny – ‘funny’ as in ‘amusing’, not funny ‘weird’ 🙂
    Or maybe it is is you who has become more expressive 🙂

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