Friday Fictioneers – The Witch’s View

I hope Angelique’s friends will forgive me, but she’s taking a break this week. I do have a story for her to go with this week’s photo, but in light of recent events, I’d like to save it for another week, when media and emotions have calmed down. With elements of Angelique’s story running the risk of hitting the wrong nerve at this point in time, I think it might be best to let my little angel of death have a week off. She will be back, and if it’s alright with Rochelle and Scott, I might double post next week, when news headlines are focussed elsewhere.

Timing is everything.

Copyright-Scott L. Vannatter

Photo by Scott L. Vannatter

The Witch’s View (100)

I watched the papergirl and her sisters, who often accompany her on her route, tiptoe to the edge of the sidewalk, eyeing the grass to make sure her toe remained safely off our property. With utmost care, she aimed for the decorative well in the side yard. She hit the gnome’s hat, and all three ran.

The girls never put my paper on the front step. They don’t dare. They think I’m a witch, after all. That’s why I keep the cats – to reinforce their fears.

So long as they are terrified of me, they’ll never discover the truth about Roger.

What We Cherish (100ish)

Memory is a strange thing. For the life of me, I can’t recall why we thought the woman who lived on that corner was a witch, but I do remember hushed giggles and racing hearts as my sister stepped onto her lawn. I also remember begging her to let me throw the paper at the house with the well. Maybe I’d be the one to make it in.

I see my children now, whispering and giggling, and I pray to God they remember this moment. More than anything, I pray they’ll always have more than memories to cherish.


A little background…

The first of these related stories is a work of fiction sprinkled with memories of accompanying my sisters on their paper routes back in the 80’s. The well for which we aimed was blocks away from the home of the supposed witch. Into her yard, we were careful never to place a toe. Roger, however, is purely fictional. (At least I hope he is!)

I wish I could say the second story is fictional. It is, in fact, an all too real reflection on random moments held in my memory and cherished years after the loss of my oldest sister. It is also a prayer for my children, that they will cherish their time together and never know the burden of clinging to memories made together because there are no more memories to be made.

Thanks for taking the time to read! As always, I welcome and appreciate your comments!

I cordially invite you to join the fun by checking out Friday Fictioneers at the lovely blog of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields!


31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Witch’s View

  1. Wow..the second one felt like you were explaining the first. Felt as real as the haunted house around the block from as a child. NIce work.


  2. Very good indeed – you tapped that memory we all have…the neighbour that we all had, in some house, on some street. We had one who was a doctor, she was not a pleasant person, and kept two big doberman dogs behind thick hedges. Getting a ball quickly back was a terrifying experience!
    I loved the ending….poor Rodger!

  3. Ah…Shades of Harper Lee and her mysterious character (Scout Finch’s neighbor) Boo. I think every neighborhood has a spooky/mysterious/cranky neighbor or suspicious house. I did as well…growing up in a small town.

  4. Yes, I had a house like that I had to walk past on my way home from school. It had box hedges outside and cobwebs in the windows. I never saw the woman who lived there, but even now 40 years later that’s what I think of when I smell box hedging.
    Lovely stories.

    • Yes, Angelique needed the week off. She thanks you for understanding!

      Roger is a complete figment of my imagination, barely more than a name. I don’t even know what “the truth about Roger” is. I just wanted to give the cat lady a reason to perpetuate the witch myth. In my mind, there was something awful about Roger, and the woman encouraged the fear to keep the girls away – for their safety.

  5. Wow. Powerful stories. Why is it that everyone has a house with a witch in their youth? Beautiful tribute to your sister. I’m sure she’s smiling over the beautiful work you’ve created. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Loved the mix and mystery you conveyed with ease and a bit of evil and Roger tossed in there for good measure, though he wasn’t needed. Two very good stories that complemented each other perfectly. Reading stories like yours makes me glad I’m a part of this group. Would have missed them otherwise.



  7. This is hard to comment. First of all I love the twist about Roger, explains a lot of witchty behavior. The second story about a lost sister and the memories made you think about all people that have faded into memories.

  8. I like the way you flipped to the second story. Reminds me of my older brother getting up to do his routes at 4 a.m. Much respect for your tribute here, just one tiny way to immortalize that bond you had. Memory is a powerful thing.

  9. I loved both stories. I’m sorry to hear of your lost, I lost my brother before we had a chance to make memories. I was about 5 and he was 3 months old. I have the memory of him being there and that is all. Sometimes, I think it’s better that way, I can’t imagine what it would be like to remember laughter with him. This is a hard season, for a lot of us. ((hugs))

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