Friday Fictioneers – The Interview

It’s Wednesday, and we all know that that means… FRIDAY FICTIONEERS!!!! On this day, people all over the world mistake the middle of the week for the end of the week and post 100-word stories based on a photo prompt selected by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Today’s prompt comes from the lens of Doug MacIlroy. Friday Fictioneers is tons of fun. Jump in anytime!

I didn’t think I had anything for this week’s photo prompt, but it turns out the little flashback that’s been floating around my mind works rather well with the photo. (If it matters, I was waiting for some glorious scene looking down on the earth – or something along those lines – for this story, but I think this works just as well, if not better). On a technical note, I’m not sure what that globe is made of, but I’m going to pretend it’s clay, even if it’s not. For one, clay is shorter than plaster and papier mache, and I’m on a word limit here… šŸ™‚

To those who have been following Angelique from the beginning, thank you. For those who are new to her story, you may want to check out previous weeks’ post here. Thank you all for stopping by. I hope you enjoy!

Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy

Photo Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy

The Interview

“Why do you love them?”

“I made them.”

“But they are so…” Angelique squeezed the clay in her hand till it oozed between her fingers.

“So flawed, Angelique?” He smiled wryly over the top of the globe. “Spoken as a true Avenger, child. You hardly know them.”

Angelique bowed her head, golden curls veiling her face.

Can I know them better?”

“It will break your heart.”

“Is there any other way?”


“Will you help me?”

“As always.”

Angelique raised her eyes to his tender face. His skillful hands rested on the clay globe.

“Make me an Usher,” she implored.


49 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Interview

  1. I say it every week, and I’ll probably keep on saying that this is a great idea. On a technical note, I’ve had to consider (and google) the use of the word ‘pled’ as opposed to ‘pleaded’. I’ve reached the conclusion it’s an ‘age’ thing. šŸ˜‰ Lovely piece.

  2. Dear Waitingforaname,

    You are fleshing out the story (larger) of Angelique nicely. I love the references to the globe and clay and the interview, and especially the way it concluded. (I’m also glad to see an author who will simply find a better word [implored] rather than bang their head against uncertainty. Reminds me of me.) Great story. Difficult prompt.



    • Thanks, Doug. Finding a better word is always preferable to dithering between two passable words, especially when you only have a hundred words to work with. Actually, I don’t think it matters how many words you have to work with… The best word is always best! Thanks for reading and commenting. I can’t tell you all how thankful I am for the feedback!

  3. Lora,

    This is actually a prequel – in which Angelique prepares for the switch from avenging angel to what most would call an angel of death. I’m calling her an Usher (as in “one who ushers the dying into eternity”) to emphasize what will hopefully be an intimacy between Angelique and the dying. The purpose is a) to give Angelique’s character room for development, b) to explore the human experience of death, for better or worse, and c) to demonstrate the presence and grace of God in times of tragedy. The rest of Angelique’s story can be found under “Friday Fictioneers” at the top of my page. I’m curious to know what made you think she might be autistic.

    • I thought it was a prequel too (having followed Angelique’s story from the beginning(?)).
      Thanks for confirming šŸ™‚

      The story is coming along quite nicely.

    • Thank you, Rochelle. I am so thankful to have stumbled upon Friday Fictioneers… and as a result, Angelique. The encouragement you all offer means a lot. If and when Angelique makes it into a full-length novel, she will do so with a big “Thank you, Friday Fictioneers!”

    • I think an Usher’s job is simply to be present with the dying – to help them prepare, to give them the strength to die, to keep them from going through it alone. Thanks for reading. I enjoyed your piece this week! Sounds like something my kids would do!

  4. I had not pictured Angelique as a blond. That makes me think of Marilyn, the greatest blond of all… which leads me to Michelle, the greatest Marilyn of all. I could not think of a sweeter face for Angelique. Thanks for the look back.

    • Ah, yes! In my mind, THIS is the point where she begins to shift from an avenging angel to something softer, more human, more compassionate – where she realizes she’s been missing a crucial element in the proper understanding of humanity and longs to know us more intimately. Thanks for the comment!

  5. This is a wonderful idea. With a little connecting and fleshing out it would make a wonderful novel. I also was moved by Angelique today. At times she seems a little mean, but today she was almost soft.

    • I would love to weave these stories into a full-length novel, and you all will be the first to know when it happens! In the meantime, I am halfway through writing a trilogy and am content to let Angelique unfold week by week. Her story, I think, must form slowly and carefully. Thanks for the comments!

    • I think I’ve been guilty every week. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted on a Friday, except maybe for the week I posted three stories to catch up with weeks I’d missed. And I wonder where my child gets his impatient, impulsive nature…

  6. I am really enjoying getting to know Angelique. She is a wonderful character, even if she is going to eventually become an angel of death (right?) It is rather fascinating. Also, I laughed at your intro, I find myself having to hold myself back on Wed to wait till Friday to post. šŸ™‚

  7. Thank you. I’m not entirely sure that Angelique’s job titles perfectly match the standard descriptions of angels, but I’m thinking before this story (which is a flashback) she WAS an Avenger (angel who carries out swift and often final justice). Now (and in past weeks’ stories) she is an Usher (angel who ushers people from time into eternity). So she’s no longer inflicting death, but is present with the dying. I hope that makes sense.

    P.S. Kudos to you for holding back till Friday. I’ll have to try that sometime! I’m just so excited when Rochelle’s prompt comes through!

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