Friday Fictioneers – Oh, Be Careful, Little Heart

Friday Fictioneers time again!!!! As usual, check out more stories or jump into the fun by clicking HERE!

This week’s story is a continuation of Angelique’s story, more of which can be found here.

Today’s photo prompt comes to us from Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Oh, Be Careful, Little Heart

Out of The Gallery’s warmth and into Main Street’s chill, Angelique followed the lovers. Under sparkling Christmas lights, the woman smiled at the man while Angelique wondered when the drug he had slipped into her champagne would take effect.

He stopped before a bright red door, turned a key in the brass lock, and led her up a narrow staircase. Silently, resolutely, Angelique climbed the steps, her gaze fixed on the woman’s adoring face.

Soon her rapture would turn to horror. She would be helpless to defend herself, and Angelique could only hold her hand and pray a swift end.


Edited to Add: For an alternate, in excess of one hundred words take on the prompt that sheds a little more light on Angelique’s character, see Christmas Reflections.


26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Oh, Be Careful, Little Heart

    • You can read up on Angelique by clicking on Friday Fictioneers at the top of my page (not to be confused with the link in the post). She’s been around a few weeks, and isn’t nearly as awful as she appears! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. Each week I wonder where the story will end up. 🙂 Perhaps not the nicest Christmas story but in keeping with the rest of Angelique’s story. I feel as though Angelique is growing larger from the people she “helps” or helps herself to.

    • No, I suppose it isn’t such a nice Christmas story. (Yours nearly made me cry, by the way!) Angelique is growing… and hopefully I’ll find a way to communicate that she is indeed helping people, not helping herself TO people! It’s hard to elaborate in 100 words, but she really, truly is not an evil creature, despite her propensity to find herself in grisly places! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This week’s prompt seems to be launching stories about the worst side of human nature. I think this is such a good theme, and so full of possibilities. I’d be interested to see how you would link all these vignettes together. Well done.

    • Thank you again, Sandra. I do have a plan to put all of these into a full-length novel someday, and that will likely involve laying out all of these vignettes and figuring out how all of the characters are related to one another. What I’d like to do is have a sort of six degrees of separation thing going on with the minor characters whose paths cross Angelique’s – so that the human story makes a complete circle while Angelique grows and develops through her experiences as an Usher/Death Angel and eventually moves on to something new and different. I doubt I can do ALL I want to do in 100 word stories, but at least I can get a framework from which to write the whole! Thanks again for the feedback!

    • Thank you so much, Ron! I was thinking earlier today how Angelique isn’t at all what I would have chosen or expected to write. “Dark and devilish” really isn’t my preference (even though it can be exceedingly fun and satisfying), but it seems to be where Angelique has to go in order to get to something bright and good – and I do hope that in the end, bright and good will be the impression. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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