Friday Fictioneers – The Next Assignment

Friday is here again, and this time I’m comfortably seated with the Friday Fictioneers at a table overlooking a world of imagination. It’s good to be here. Thanks to all who welcomed me by reading and commenting on my first attempt!

This week’s photo is copyrighted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Hop over to her page to check out more stories.

The Next Assignment (100 words)

“It was harder than I thought.”

“The first one always is.”

Angelique looked up from the blue and white tablecloth. “I felt his desperation.”

“That is a good thing, Angelique. Now you know their agony,” the woman said softly, wrapping her warm hands around Angelique’s tiny hand. She pressed a scrap of paper into Angelique’s cold palm. “Your next assignment.

Angelique rose from the café table, scanning the scrawled pencil marks.

“That’s it?”

The woman nodded.

“Don’t deceive yourself, Angelique. Not having blood on your hands doesn’t make it easy. If you’re any good, this job gets harder. Much harder.”

18 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Next Assignment

  1. I like the compassion of the old woman. It really threw a curve into the story-the story that I think is about an assassin, but I’m starting to wonder now. Maybe Angelique is a healer, instead, sent to seek out the wounded and save them? There’s a neat duality in your story. I liked your first one also. Not a bus ride I would want to be on!

  2. Amazing how characters evolve and become something other than what you originally planned, isn’t it? I have a character in my novel who started out in my head to be vindictive and turned out to be the complete opposite which I think made her all the more interesting.
    Intriguing story.

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