The Unexpected Joys of Writing

Writing is nothing if not surprising.

When I began writing my novel, I had a pretty clear view of where my heroine would travel, whom she would meet, and how she would relate to one character in particular.

Silly me!

A few chapters into the book, I realized she needed… Someone… immediately. So Someone came along and filled what I thought would be a fleeting role.

Silly, silly me!

Over the course of the book, Someone grew to become an integral figure not only in this book, but in the entire trilogy. Indeed, without Someone, the whole thing would fall apart. The story would be meaningless without Someone. As for that character I thought would be so important… well, he’s still a major player, but he isn’t playing quite the game I expected him to play.

When a fellow writer, Melissa of Steamygirl Publishing, posted on Facebook that a character she had not intended to include insisted upon being written into her story, I had to smile. I don’t know what the future holds for her unexpected character, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she throws Melissa for a few more loops.

Someone certainly surprised me. As I recall Someone’s development from a chance encounter to a key figure, I am grateful for the unexpected presence and significance of a character unanticipated by the author of the tale in which Someone plays so prominent a role.

Someone is not alone. There were others, though none so significant, who wrote themselves into my book, surprising me with their connections and import. Together they convince me that as writers, we follow our characters’ leads as much as they follow ours. This is one of the greatest joys of writing, leaving me in awe of the writing process and full of affection not only for my heroine, but for Someone and the many others whose stories unfold beneath my waiting fingers.


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