Waiting for a Name

I am waiting.

I have completed my first novel and am waiting for an agent, a publisher, and an audience who know my name. I am reasonable enough not expect an enormous following, but I won’t lie. I am waiting for my name to be on somebody’s list, anybody’s list of “Authors You Must Read.”

So it seemed appropriate to name this new blog Waiting for a Name.

Names are important. One of the most difficult parts of writing my book involved untold time scouring http://www.merriam-webster.com/ and numerous emails to my dear sister/editor, trying to uncover the perfect name for an integral character. It was a mental and physical relief finally to find his name. Other characters found their names early on, only to have those names rise in significance as the story unfolded. Sometimes I waited to find a name, other times I waited for characters’ names to explain themselves. It was worth every wait.

So it seemed doubly appropriate to dub this venture Waiting for a Name.

Finally, there is one whose name is above all names, and for Him I wait. In the light of His story, all other stories pale. Yet I hope and wait for His light to illumine me, to guide the telling of the stories I strive to tell, and to add to my pages a glimmer of wonder, that those who read might wait in eager expectation for something more than they have dreamed.

Triply appropriate.

I am waiting for a name.

I invite you to wait with me.


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